Using only green energy
from renewable sources

Free electro-smog Hotel

Shielded Hotel from the negative electrosmog effects
Personal card with electro-smog protection
throughout the holiday

Certificated healthy rooms

Rooms more healthy and safe
Deep sanitized surfaces
Purified air
Protection from radon, electro smog, noises, allergens…
Relax! You’re in a healthy place!

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It sanitizes by eliminating viruses,
bacteria and spores and destroying any
unpleasant odor. Eliminates the use of
chemicals that are harmful to both humans
and the environment and difficult to dispose of
Ensures a level of sanitation in line with
HACCP standards, destroying 99% of viruses
and bacteria


The natural solution for asthma, allergies,
mold and air contamination. During the passage
through the filter up to 99.99% of the
microorganisms are destroyed at a temperature of 200° C:
- Bacteria
- Virus
- Dust mites
- Allergens and feces of dust mites
- Molds
- Pollen
The purified air is cooled and then put
back into the environment

Free E-Bikes at your disposal

for our guest

Charging station

for electric vehicles

Energy saving certificate

at the end of the stay